An Evolution

Founded in 1994, Firm Foundation, Inc. (“FFI”), a for-profit organization, sought to educate and serve individuals and small groups on the matters of health, nutrition, fitness and stress management. FFI’s philosophy was the promotion of individual growth in these areas. While educating in nutrition and fitness, we realized the tremendous need for a community-based extension of services to include family preventive care and health maintenance. Derived from a conscious and focused effort to give back to the community, the entity formerly known as Firm Foundations Inc. evolved into Firm Foundations Community II (FFC II). And now, with the addition of a digital magazine and online social community, The Health Up Foundation aims to reach people from a variety of communities, here in the U.S. and across the world.

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How Do We Help?

  • Going into the communities and educating the residents on the best ways to stay healthy through events aimed at getting them more active and increasing their overall health.
  • The digital issue enables readers to view the magazine where ever they maybe on their smart phone, on a tablet or at home on the desktop.
  • The social community allows people from all around the world to discuss and share information on ways to live a healthier lifestyle. Meet specialist who can provide you proper information to get your health back on track.